Delivery &

 Payment terms

General information

All the products at are sold by Valco Ltd, located in Tampere, Finland (Europe) with the vat number FI29196975. The prices include all the taxes and shipping fees inside EU. The prices do not include possible customs duties, import fees or other surprise extra costs unknown to us that exist in the third world countries such as Switzerland and Norway.


The products are ordered via our online stores at or (if you know Finnish) on Shopify platform, or other sales channels offered by third parties such as Facebook.

Valco Ltd is not responsible for the mistakes and errors caused by Shopify, Facebook or any other third party service provider. 

The orders are confirmed via email, which includes the information about delivery, price and taxes. To receive the email confirmation the client must provide a valid email address when making a purchase. 

Payment methods

We try to accept any legal tender, except Venezuelan Bolivars. We don't trust their money. You can use at least the most common credit cards and Paypal to make a purchase. 

Delivery time

We aim to ship every order within two days of purchase. We don't know how long exactly it will take to deliver to your cottage in the Siberian wastelands. If it takes more than three weeks to get your stuff, please contact us.

We aim to deliver as fast as possible in every nook and cranny of the world.

Delivery method and shipping fees

We didn't bother to calculate shipping fees for every f*cking country there is, so the prices are fixed and free within Europe. The products are shipped with UPS, DHL or the best available alternative such as a team of trained pigeons.

Except in Bolivia, where we have a contract with Pablo, who delivers our packages with his faithful donkey Mañana. 


Valco Ltd reserves a right to change these terms. The customer is responsible to check out the current delivery and payment terms.

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