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Not just another headphones

Kesthouse Mastering? What's that?

Superb sound quality. No BS.

Ok, I'm ready to buy at this point

Best in class ANC

Watch a review video from Youtube

A battery to last

Where can I buy them?

Ohh, so light and comfy

Weighing only 250 grams (or two bananas in US measurement units), the Valco ANC headphones can be easily used for the whole day long.

The memory foam earmuffs and the adjustable headband are covered with 100% faux vegan leather – smooth as silk, because of all the soy consumed by them vegans.

As a Finnishing touch, we added some premium Walnut tree (real tree, not imitation) to the headphones. Don’t like the brownish color? Just paint them then. Wood can be painted, you know.

And wait, there is more

Are you a one man (or woman) call center? Enjoy top quality handsfree phone calls. Speak up to 40 hours non-stop (which equals probably one shift of an indian call center worker. Them guys work really hard).

Do you enjoy government and big corporations spying on you? No problem, you can use Siri, Google Home and other personal space surveillance systems with our headphones.

Are you the kind of person who ends f*cking up everything you touch? No worries! We have a full 12-month guarantee and even after that we can provide you with spare parts for all your tinkering needs.

The shipping is on us

...in Europe

So shipping is free inside Europe. To USA and other third world countries the shipping cost is a flat 15 euros. It's worth it. 

And they are totally greenwashed!

Everyone out there is pulling the green wool over your collective eyes. Even the big oil claims all kind of environmental benefits for their products. That's greenwashing for you.

This is why we too decided to have our own greenwashing campaign.

For every pair of headphones sold, we will plant a tree.

There won't probably be any environmental impact at all, but
at least we are honest with it. No BS here either.

The best part of our reforestation campaign is the fact that we cannot pay anyone to do it on our behalf. So we are planting all the trees our self. Every f*cking one. This is how committed we are to this greenwashing thing.

And hey, even it is a marketing ploy - you really compensate for your headphones and all the shipping related. Twenty fold to be precise.


Technical stuff

Nerdy details

  • Bluetooth: 5.0 APTX LL, SBC and AAC
  • Chipset: Qualcomm QCC3008 with custom DSP setup
  • ANC: Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) Active Noise Cancellation with 4 microphones
  • Amplifier: Class AB
  • Stereo elements: 40 mm
  • Weight: 250g / 8.8 oz
  • Battery: 1050 mAh
  • Charging time: 2-3h, USB-C connector
  • Battery time: up to 45 hours of constant listening on ANC, 40 hour on phone call
  • Siri and Google Home support
  • Handsfree phone calls (yes, it has a microphone for phone calls)
  • Package includes all the necessary cables and dongles (3.5 mm, airplane adapter and USB-C charging cable)

Active Noise Cancellation

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) ANC chipset with four microphones effectively filters low-frequency background noise for example, in an airplane, old diesel Mercedes or train. ANC probably won’t be so effective with high-frequency sounds, such as screaming children or a nagging spouse.

Audio Bin Suparman sound quality

Dynamic 40 mm (silver dollar coin size in US measurements) stereo elements combined with the programmable Qualcomm QCC3008 chipset and the DSP configurations hand made by our Audio Bin Suparman Jasse Kesti (Kesthouse) guarantee pleasurable moments with music, games or adult entertainment.

A battery to last

The high quality 1050 mAh (approx. 4 Apple watches in US measurements) battery lasts up to 45 hours of constant listening. In case you run out of juice, just continue listening to music in passive mode through the enclosed high-quality audio cable. Because you can recharge the headphones at work, it is practically free to use them.

Superb comfortability

The adjustable and foldable headphones go nicely around even the lumpiest heads and thanks to special memory foam earmuffs, they feel so good even your ears are the Prince of Wales size. The cover material is 100% faux, soft vegan leather.

And yes, it also supports handsfree phone calls. You can use it to make phone calls, Whatsapp calls and whatever calls.

Testimonials from real people

You might ask, why we don’t have any social media testimonials or similar? Is this some kind of scam?

Well, we do have a lot of reviews but they are all in Finnish. We haven’t really launched yet outside Finland. You can find them here and use Google Translate or similar. We are proud to have mostly 5-star reviews on Facebook. There are also some reviews on Trustpilot, you should check them out.

"I didn't think I would write this, but my beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless are going into early retirement. The Valco ANC convinced me all along the line."

Read the full review (in German) here: konsolenfan.de


"I personally see nothing to complain about, and finding them a little better than my Bose QC 35, Valco has succeeded perfectly in its gamble of offering quality headphones for a price half the price of the competition."

Read the full review (in French) here: sitegeek.fr


"Great headphones and a special mention for the excellent stereo image"

You can find more information on Varre from Discogs and Wikipedia.

Varre Vartiainen, Musician, Leningrad Cowboys

"Hey! These headphones are f*cking awesome!"

You can find more info on Maukka from Discogs and Wikipedia.


Maukka Siirala, Musician

"I've been testing these for couple of days and they are great! No more Beats for me. It's easy to favor the Finnish"

You can find more information on Tuure from Discogs and Wikipedia (en).

Tuure Kilpeläinen, Singer & Songwriter

Video presentation (english subtitles)

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Every newsletter is written by our specially trained monkeys and they are really entertaining. We are also quite lazy, so there won't be that many emails filling your inbox.

12 months full guarantee

We are famous for our guarantee and soon we’ll be world famous. It covers everything but your own f*ck ups. And even then we help you as much as we can.

For 12 months we make absolutely sure that you can fully enjoy your premium Valco headphones. We respond your emails, chat with you on Facebook, keep you company during the lonely nights and provide you with spare parts if you break your headphones.

We believe that good customer service is the best way to market your products.

Only 149€

Unbeatable price 149€. All the features and the sound quality of those big brand ANC headphones with only half the price.

How is this possible? Well, we aren’t a huge, publicly exchanged multinational corporation. We don’t spend millions to sponsor athletes and our products are not featured on Hollywood films. We are your friendly neighborhood mom-and-pop store.

Our pricing policy is very simple: manufacturing costs + a small profit to pay for our food & alimony costs  + taxes = the end price.

Same price for everyone. No third world discounts or first world premiums.

Generous return policy

We trust in our product. Much unlike with the wife, we’re not satisfied if you’re not 100% satisfied with our headphones. We gladly accept returns within 14 days of receipt for items in new condition.

No questions asked. Just contact our customer service, ship back the product and that’s it. Of course if there is something we can improve, we would be happy to hear your opinion.

Video Review (english subtitles)