VMK20 Wireless ANC Headphones

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The best ANC headphones you can afford!

In 2019 we started selling the Valco headphones in Finland. Everyone thought we were bonkers. There were dozens, if not hundreds of manufacturers at it, several megacorporations too, so how could a tiny Finnish workshop dream of bringing anything new to this table?

Well, screw them. We delivered and now we have sold them to thousands of giddily thankful customers all over the world. No one's questioning our sanity any more (in this matter). As promised, we spent all our profits on beer and alimony payments, so new we have to sell more headphones. 

Thus, we are proud to present the new and improved VMK20 ANC headphones. During the past two years we've pricked our ears to listen to user feedback, and we've learned new titbits about this headphone doodah all the while here and there. The big challenge was to not mess with the things we already got right, just whittle away the weaknesses. That means that these are not an entirely new model, but a facelift.

The really big difference between us and our competition is, that if there is an issue with your headphones, you can email our CEO and tell him to go f*ck himself. With us you won't be calling an outsourced customer service representant.

Plus, our headphones are totally greenwashed. For every pair of headphones sold, we will plant a tree.

Technical details

See what's improved

So here's a list of improvements that are even better in Valco VMK20 noise-cancelling
headphones (the older model is also still quite great):

  • The earcups are new Finnish design by Ratamo industrial design. Their fabric coating does not just look awfully cute and light, it also serves a distinct purpose – it tolerates moisture, dirt and wear better than wood. Besides that it protects our noise-cancelling microphones making them less susceptible to wind.
  • Bluetooth wireless range has been increased by a brisk margin. We went ahead and designed a new antenna.
  • Heavy-handed users could get our buttons stuck at the bottom, so we have strengthened those.
  • People have taken their Valcos rejoicingly for office and remote work, which was a nice surprise for us. Some of them were not quite satisfed with the quality of our microphone, so we've provided a better one (CVC6). Now you can fully enjoy those great Teams and Hangouts moments with the assholes from work. 
  • Some users were not crazy about the bass emphasis in our frst model, which was designed on purpose for noisy surroundings. Many people actually wanted to use their Valcos, to our surprise, in the peace of their homes, at offces and in other quieter environments. So we kept on refining the sound even better and more balanced. 
  • Our audio guru Jasse ”Jazmanaut” Kesti took the best high-end headphones in the world (Meze Empyrean in his opinion) for his reference, and tailored the sound profle of Valco VMK20 in that direction, until he was pissing rainbows.
  • Now the sound is among the most accurate and precise out there, compared to any category of headphones in any price bracket!

In this sound aspect we have never really paddled in the same pond as other consumer products. We dived right in at the deep end of this sound fiddling with the high-end designers. Because… why on earth not?!?

Video presentation (english subtitles)