Valco Nordell MK3

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Great bluetooth speaker for work or as a bribe!

Valco Nordell Mk3 bluetooth stereo player is a combination of everyone's favorite materials - metal and silicone. In terms of appearance, feel and sound quality, the device could easily be costing more moneys. It’s not fussy or plastic and the sound quality can be described as "surprisingly great". 

The very much water and dust resistant device withstands playing music in the rain or on a sunny, sandy beach. However, the first is more likely in Finland so it is more waterproof. It is a great companion for a sauna also. Altough, if you are in Germany, the others in your favorite FKK might not like you playing  ZDF Hitparade from the 1970's when they are enjoying the services. 

Nordell also has a handy loop from which the device can be attached even to a backpack or a noose.

The large buttons are handy to use with gloves on, which is why this model is great for those who work on a construction site with your buttcrack showing.

You can even buy two Nordells and combine them wirelessly to get more oomph and a better stereo experience.

The Nordell also has a wonderful 3D sound effect, which can be enabled from the button labelled as 3D button. It produces a unique aural experience. In other words, it fools your little brain into thinking there are more Nordells around. Most think the sound is enhanced by this mysterious 3D button.

Unlike our headphones, Nordell is not our own design, but it has gone through the Jasse sound treatment and it has our beautiful logo on it. This little gem is really a discovery in the cavalcade of hundreds of Chinese bluetooth players. 

The story

All of you migt not know, but Valco is a legendary company from the 1970's. It was a government owned TV tube factory that never actually built anything, was a result of massive corruption and cost a billion marks for the tax payers. Our company is a homage to that legendary failure.

One part of the Valco corruption was a TV and Radio manufacturer called Salora. One part of their bribes at the time were so called mini stereos that they gave to politicians and officials as gifts. These and other "gifts" were then exposed and tried in the court. Less surprisingly, not a single politician was guilty of receiving the bribes. Only some officials were sentenced. This is something that you should remember when receiving and giving gifts.

We don't know what kind of mini stereos they used to bribe the politicians, but our stereo equipment is called Nordell after the former CEO of Salora whose efforts made Valco possible in the first place.

Besides playing music from the 70's, Valco Nordell is also an excellent conference speaker phone and a poor mans version of Alexa. It includes a microphone for speaker phone calls and supports Siri or Google Now.

Imagine how you can make your friends jealous by speaking to your bluetooth speaker: "Hi Siri, play some music" and the machine answers "Calling to Mum". The future is here today.

Did we already mention that this speaker is waterproof? It can also withstand urine. Our customers have tested this feature. However, if you urinate on your speaker, it will smell of urine.


Power: 2 x 20W

Quality stereo sound and surprisingly good bass for a small device. You can wirelessly connect two of these for a better stereo experience (TWS)

Size: 202.5 x 61 x 78 mm or about a size of a shoe (for our US customers)

Weight: about half a kilo, or about four bananas

Look and feel: Sturdy

Materials: Plastic that might be silicone & aluminium

Waterproof: IPX7 Waterproof and dust proof

Connectivity: True Wireless (TWS), Bluetooth 5.0 (range about 10 meters), AUX 3.5mm (cable included) and Micro SD

Battery capacity: 5200mAh, supports fast charging, USB-C

Battery is enough for about 15 hours of listening at 50% volume, about 8 hours with full volume

Hands Free -funcionality

SIRI and S-Voice support

Frequency range: 80-20000 Hz

12 months full Valco Warranty and you also have the right to cancel and return your order within 14 days, for any reason and without a justification.