Official Raimo calendar

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Valco's un-erotic boys' calendar for 2022 shows Raimo and his friends at their most beautiful in different seasons. The calendar is in English, but the same dates happen everywhere in the world regardless of the language.

This wall calendar is spiral-bound and has can be hanged from the top of the page. There are no name days on the calendar, as these would be quite different in Finland and other countries. There also are no official holidays in Valco's un-erotic boys' calendar either, because we are not interested in them. However, all the relevant dates and reasons to celebrate can be found here.

Almost every day has a blank space where you can enter your own holidays or draw penises, for example.

Practically half of the price of the calendar is postage and the rest is printing costs, as it was printed here in Finland (and will be shipped from Finland). As this is not really a business for us, you can also download the same calendar for free and print it out yourself at work and save money. Of course, printed on high-quality paper is always nice.

You can download the calendar in PDF format here.

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