Headphone repair

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Are your headphones an older model? Is the warranty no longer valid? Did you break them yourself when you were drunk and don't have the guts to send them to us for repair?

Don't worry! At Valco, we don't appreciate headphone waste. If your headphones got trapped under your bottom or your dog ate them, send them to us for repair.

Just buy this package and send your headphones to us. The package includes the repair, spare parts and shipping back to you. 

This covers anything that is not covered by the normal warranty (i.e. old models and headphones that you have broken down yourself). We mean everything. If your spouse smashed the headphones because you weren't paying attention, send them to us. If you drove over them while drunk, send them to us. If the battery is dead because you tried to charge them with a car battery charger, send them to us.

Note: This only applies to the VMK20 and VMK19 models sold by Valco.

What is included in the price:

- Repair of your VMK19 or VMK20 headphones

- Changing the battery if necessary (if the battery is dead)

- Spare parts needed to repair them

- Shipping back to you

What is NOT included in the price:

- Shipping from your home to our sweatshop


1. Buy this item

2. Pack your headphones

Include your order number and your address. We are not psychics. Also it would help if you would tell us what is wrong with your headphones.

2. Send your headphones to our return address:

Valco Ltd
Kirkkoahontie 365
Linnantaus, Finland

3. Wait