Finnish design (Ratamo industrial design). The model is designed to absorb less wind than the previous model and is more suitable for all kinds of sports. No outward flashing lights. Then we made those side panels interchangeable. This makes them much easier to keep clean, tune up yourself and change them every hour, depending on the tiktok trends.

The differently positioned adjustment allows for a wider range of adjustment than before (making life especially easy for big heads and small heads).

A sturdier, higher quality construction all round and a wonderfully soft soft touch finish. The overall fit is stiffer, the surface materials a little more luxurious, the ear cups a little looser and the frame even more durable.

New (and bigger and better) headphone elements for superior sound. Our sound guru Jasse "Jazmanaut" Kesti couldn't believe his ears when he got to adjust these.

The sound profile is the old familiar one, i.e. studio neutral, so that the music sounds like it was painstakingly mixed and mastered in the studio. But our sound curator Jasse "Jazmanaut" Kesti has honed and tweaked it even further. The title of "sound masturbator" is well deserved!

A brand new ANC will ANC background noise even better than before. It also has now a through-listening feature that we think is stupid, but customers want. So, at the push of a button, the headphones use the headphones' microphones to let ambient sounds through. So is it anti-ANC now? This is a handy feature, so you can hear announcements and eavesdrop on the people next to you when they think you're listening to Sepultura at full volume. Uh-huh!

  • Authentic Valco product

  • 14-day free trial, return if you don't like them

  • 1 year extended warranty, cheap repair service for years to come

  • Free shipping in EU, affordable outside EU

  • Money-back guarantee - If you are not satisfied, just return them within 14 days and we'll give your money back

Not just another headphones

Well, actually these are another headphones – but without the “just”. 

What makes Valco ANC (Active Noise Control / Cancellation) headphones special, is how we combined the best available components, added a touch of Finnish design and had Jasse Kesti from Kesthouse, a famous Finnish mastering studio with over 20 years of experience to perfect the sound quality.

And all this for a very much affordable price. We dare to say, that Valco headphones offer you an unmatched bargain for your money along with a listening experience second to none in the wireless ANC headphones class.

On top of everything, our headphones have been properly greenwashed. For every pair we sell, we'll plant a tree. You can read more about our greenwashing iniative here.

See Jasse Kesti himself presenting the VMK25

Cancel out noise for a distraction-free experience

The Valco VMK25 headphones are the perfect solution for anyone looking for an immersive audio experience. With their all-new active noise cancellation technology and closed-back design, you can be sure that every audio detail will be captured and delivered to you without any interference from your surroundings.

Simply press the noise cancellation button and immerse yourself in your music, whether you're in a noisy subway, a busy work environment, or a crowded restaurant. The Valco VMK25 headphones are designed to provide you with a truly authentic and powerful audio experience, no matter where you are.

A Battery to last

Few things suck more than running out of juice on your headphones during a long ass trip.

This is why we added a battery to last over 50 hours of music listening. Go from Europe to Australia. Chill out with dingoes, snakes and whatever there is. And fly back to your miserable job. All that without needing to recharge your headphones.

Should you find yourself stranded on a desert island, you can use the ANC to filter out the annoying cricket sounds and other creepy stuff much longer you can survive without going full-on Bear Grylls and drinking your own urine – and definitely much longer your precious iPhone can last.

Superb sound quality. No BS

Every manufacturer claims that they have a superb sound quality. Well, f*ck them.

We partnered with the leading Finnish mastering studio Kesthouse and spent countless hours perfecting our headphones to sound exactly like the records were meant to be played. No factory settings here. Also no artificial BOOM-BASS (sorry), but since the speaker quality is so good, you can add a lot of bass with an EQ and the sound is still clear.

This is why Valco headphones have quickly been widely accepted among musicians, audio engineers and artists in Finland. 


Designed by the talented Finnish designer Lauri Lumme, these headphones are built to provide a superior audio experience that lasts. The Valco VMK25 headphones are the result of expert craftsmanship and sleek design. Crafted with premium materials, the VMK25 features a soft touch coating, similar to high-end Lenovo laptops, for a sophisticated look and feel. 

The comfortable memory foam cushions are molded to fit the shape of your ears, ensuring maximum comfort for extended listening sessions. With its foldable design and sturdy build quality, the VMK25 is the perfect companion for on-the-go listening. And, with its unique magnet covers, you can easily change to customize your headphones to your personal style - or just wash them. 

The VMK25 comes in a stylish black color, adding a touch of sophistication to your daily routine.

Great for those miserable remote meetings

Are you a one man (or woman) call center? Enjoy top quality handsfree phone calls and speak up to 45 hours non-stop (which equals probably one shift of an indian call center worker. Those guys work really hard). For real hardcore Teams-players we have a separate add-on microphone thing.

Headphones to last

Are you the kind of person who ends f*cking up everything you touch? No worries! We have a full 12-month guarantee and even after that we can repair them through our repair service or even provide you with spare parts for all your tinkering needs.

Tech Specifications

Nerdy stuff

  • Bluetooth: 5.1 APTX HD, SBC and AAC. Analog-people can also use the headphones with the 3,5mm aux-cable included.
  • Chipset: Qualcomm QCC3034 with custom DSP setup
  • ANC: Active hybrid noise cangelling
  • Amplifier: Class AB
  • New 45 mm composite drivers
  • Extremely smooth frequency response between 20-20000Hz
  • Very low distortion values
  • 32 Ohm
  • Weight: about 300g
  • Battery: 1050 mAh
  • Charging time: 2-3h, USB-C connector
  • Battery time: up to 50 hours listening with ANC on, 45 hours on phone call
  • Siri and Google Home support
  • Handsfree phone calls, with CVC8 noise reduction (yes, it has a microphone for phone calls)
  • Package includes all the necessary cables and dongles

Frequency response chart


Does the product come with a charger?

The headphones come with a USB-C - USB-A charging cable. So in the other end there is a small adapter for the headphones and in the other end a "normal" USB plug you can put on your PC or existing charger. No wall charger included in the package.

Will they work with my TV, dildo, PC or other BT device?

Yes, our headphones should pair perfectly with every device using regular Bluetooth standards. Practically we have only tested these extensively with Apple TV, PC, Mac and several phones. 

How can I return the product if I am not satisfied?

Just contact our merry customer support and they will instruct you. We have this manual part here, because we are always interested in knowing, why on earth someone is not happy with our superb product. However, you don't need to provide any reason for the return during the 14 days if you don't want. Please note that the product should be in a mint condition if returned. It is not fair if you first drive over them with a lawn mower and then want your money back.

How do I replace the earpads or magnetic covers?

Just twist the earpads and they should come loose. Insert the new ones in the same angle you removed the old ones and twist again. It's really quite simple. 

The magnetic covers can be just peeled away and the new ones snap in place magically.

Does noise cancellation work without playing music?

Yes, you can just enjoy silence if you are in a noisy environment such as an airplane or an old Mercedes Benz diesel car. However, if there is not any background noise and you are not listening to music, you should not use the noise cancellation. It is just stupid.

How do I answer and end a call?

Press the middle button on the right side of the headphones.

Ask us anything!