Not just another wireless headphones

Well, actually "Valcos" are another wireless headphones – but without the “just”.

As you might already know, how we combined the best available components, added a touch of Finnish design and had Kesthouse, a famous Finnish mastering studio with over 20 years of experience to perfect the sound quality makes our wireless headphones so special. Our NL21 earbuds and Nordell MK3 Bluetooth speakers are great too, but there we only did the sound adjustment. Here we are speaking about headphones (VMK20 and VMK25 currently).

We dare to say, that Valco wireless headphones offer you an unmatched bargain for your money along with a listening experience second to none in the wireless ANC headphones class.

But the great wireless sound is not the only reason we have sold tens of thousands Valco headphones all around the world.

Don't be an asshole

The great sound quality is just a precondition. No one would buy wireless headphones or Bluetooth speakers that don't sound good. Our greatest difference to many other companies is that we are not arrogant assholes. 

We have invested a great deal in customer service, all our emails are personal messages from our employees and we also have a Whatsapp channel (link removed because of spam, you can ask the customer service to join) and a Discord server where we constantly discuss with our customers. Feel free to join!

With our company you can directly email the CEO and tell him to go fuck himself, but usually our customers do the opposite. We enjoy having beers with random customers whenever we are travelling and we constantly get postcards and gifts to our customer service. That is really rewarding. 

card from customer

Not being an asshole is our biggest innovation so far.  

Back to the sound quality. We really like to remind you of that.

Every headphone manufacturer claims that they have a superb sound quality. Well, f*ck them.

Unlike most of the companies just using the factory settings for their wireless headphones, we partnered with the leading Finnish mastering studio Kesthouse and spent countless hours perfecting our headphones to sound exactly like the records were meant to be played. No factory settings here.

This is why Valco's wireless headphones  have quickly been widely accepted among musicians, audio engineers and artists in Finland and all over the world. We didn’t even need to pay them to promote us. The buggers loved the product and promoted it for free. For example Amorphis:

How a small company can make ANC or TWS headphones?

Did you know that most of active noise control (ANC) headphones come with a chipset from a big player such as Qualcomm or ADI. The only technical difference between most wireless headphones is the particular chipset model. You can buy most of these chipsets online and actually make your own headphones at home.

Everything else is just marketing shenanigans. The final sound quality depends on who has adjusted them. Many just leave their wireless headphones to factory settings, but we didn't.

We took the best (value) Bluetooth chipset Qualcomm had available, plugged it in and made some DSP magic for the audio. The ANC chip is from ADI (Analog Devices, Inc.) and there are four microphones constantly monitoring the ambient. With this combination our wireless headphones have Bluetooth 5.0 and the same ANC quality than the more expensive ones on the market.

Bluetooth 5.0 and ANC for us are just basic requirements. Like you would expect that your headphones come with earmuffs and the headband is adjustable.

Our selling points are the incredible sound quality paired with an unbeatable price. Just value for your money. No BS here either.

A battery to last

Few things suck more than running out of juice on your wireless headphones during a long ass trip.

This is why for our headphones we added a battery to last over 40 hours of music listening. Go from Europe to Australia. Chill out with dingoes, snakes and whatever there is. And fly back to your miserable job. All that without needing to recharge your headphones.

Should you find yourself stranded on a desert island, you can use the ANC to filter out the annoying cricket sounds and other creepy stuff much longer you can survive without going full-on Bear Grylls and drinking your own urine – and definitely much longer your precious iPhone can last.


And wait, there is more

Are you a one man (or woman) call center? Enjoy top quality handsfree phone calls. With Valco headphones you can speak up to 40 hours non-stop (which equals probably one shift of an indian call center worker. Them guys work really hard). 

All our products have a handsfree -option. Yes, even with the Bluetooth speaker you can have handsfree phone calls. You can put it on the table, have a group call and skip buying expensive conference shit they sell for companies.

Do you enjoy government and big corporations spying on you? No problem, you can use Siri, Google Home and other personal space surveillance systems with our wireless headphones.

Are you the kind of person who ends f*cking up everything you touch? No worries! We have a full 12-month guarantee and even after that we can provide you with spare parts for all your tinkering needs.

We also have a headphone repair service, so basically your headphones will last longer than any of your other relationships. 

And our headphones are totally greenwashed!

Everyone out there is pulling the green wool over your collective eyes. Even the big oil claims all kind of environmental benefits for their products. That's greenwashing for you.

This is why we too decided to have our own greenwashing campaign.

For every pair of wireless headphones sold, we will plant a tree. Over 10 000 trees planted already!

There won't probably be any environmental impact at all, but at least we are honest with it. No BS here either.

The best part of our reforestation campaign is the fact that we cannot pay anyone to do it on our behalf. So we are planting the trees our self. Every f*cking one. This is how committed we are to this greenwashing thing.

And hey, even it is a marketing ploy - you really compensate for your Bluetooth headphones and all the shipping related. Twenty fold to be precise.

We also hate trash, so unlike the other headphones - YOU CAN GET YOUR VALCO HEADPHONES REPAIRED EVEN AFTER THE WARRANTY ENDS.