Move over, average headphones, Valco is here to shake things up with our game-changing wireless headphones that'll redefine your listening experience. Our VMK20 and VMK25 headphones are crafted with the finest components, fine-tuned by the legendary Kesthouse mastering studio, and optimized to deliver exceptional sound quality for all the music aficionados out there.

Valco's wireless ANC headphones are the ultimate blend of value, performance, and style. With a rapidly growing fanbase and thousands of units sold worldwide, it's clear we've struck a chord in the headphones market. And the secret ingredient? A little bit of Finnish quality and a whole lot of not being jerks.

We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch sound quality in our headphones, but we're also passionate about providing unbeatable customer service. Our team is dedicated to engaging with our customers through personalized emails, a Whatsapp channel, and a Discord server where we love to chat and listen to your feedback.

Let's dive back into the heart of the matter: sound quality. Valco headphones are specifically designed and optimized to deliver an unparalleled audio experience. By partnering with Kesthouse mastering studio, we've fine-tuned our headphones to perfection, ensuring they deliver the purest sound possible. This is why musicians, audio engineers, and artists across Finland and beyond are singing Valco's praises.

But how can a small company create such outstanding ANC and TWS headphones? It's all about our commitment to optimizing every aspect of our headphones. We've handpicked a great Bluetooth chipset from Qualcomm, added some DSP magic, and employed ADI based ANC chip to ensure premium sound quality. Our wireless headphones boast Bluetooth 5.0 and ANC capabilities that put even the most expensive models to shame.

And that's not all. Valco headphones come with a battery designed to last, giving you over 40 hours of music listening time. Whether you're jet-setting around the world or stranded on a desert island, you can trust our headphones to keep the tunes flowing and the outside noise at bay.

Our headphones also offer top-notch handsfree phone calls, making you the star of your personal call center. Plus, they're compatible with Siri, Google Home, and other smart home devices. And if you're worried about damaging your headphones, fear not: we offer a 12-month guarantee and post-warranty repair services.

Let's not forget our eco-friendly (and cheeky) greenwashing campaign. For every pair of wireless headphones sold, we plant a tree. Over 10,000 trees and counting! We're honest about our environmental impact, and we even plant the trees ourselves – that's dedication!

So, why wait? Discover Valco's incredible range of headphones today and join the audio revolution. Experience exceptional sound quality, unbeatable value, and a listening experience that'll change your world. And remember: Valco headphones can be repaired even after the warranty ends. We're just that cool.