We know that our Valco products are the best, but sometimes things may not always go to plan. A neighbouring country might invade, a local dictator might ban headphones or you just might regret spending your last money in a drunken online shopping spree.

Return & Refund Requests

Just contact us via the contact page and we'll solve your problems. That's it.

Some common issues

"I changed my mind"

Is the rent late and you spend your last money on quality headphones? No worries, you can withdraw from a purchase at any time between the time of purchase and 14 days if receipt of the item.

If the purchased items have been shipped before we receive your cancellation, you are responsible for the costs of return shipping. This is cruel, but at the moment we cannot afford it otherwise. Maybe at some point we'll change this policy. 

"This is not what I ordered"

We mainly sell one product, so this is rarely an issue. Of course there is always the possibility that we get drunk and send pink dildos everywhere. Just contact us and we'll solve the matter.

"The item never arrived"

Oh the customs guys did it again, huh? Or maybe the mailman wanted new headphones. Well in that case we'll check it out with shipping company and solve the problem. If we can't find the product for you, we will give a full refund.

"I f*cked up the headphones"

This doesn't happen very often. If there is anything wrong with the product, our guarantee will cover it. Otherwise you are on your own. EXCEPT - If you broke them while doing some stupid drunken shit and you have videos or photos to prove it, then we'll consider sending you a new pair of headphones. 


All our products have a full 12-month guarantee covering pretty much everything, except your own f*ck ups. If you can prove that there was a defect existing right from the delivery, we'll cover it up to 24 months.

With any problems, don't hesitate to contact us. 

Contact information

email: info [at]

Physical address for returns:

Valco Ltd
Kirkkoahontie 365
Linnantaus, Finland


Header image: Sorvoja, Lauri. Finnvalcon Viimeinen Matka. Source: Museovirasto