About us

We are Valco Ltd, a Finnish start-up. Our name originates from the 1970’s, when the Finnish politicians led by socialists decided to open a television tube factory.

Long story short, the project utterly failed and the Finnish tax payers lost a billion marks. It is one of the worst economical failures in our history. We thought it was a funny story.

This is our logo. It is styled after electronic circuits.


Valco Logo


The company was founded by Henri Heikkinen (MSc computer science) and Jani Rajaniemi (PhD administrative sciences). Our humble aim is to develop awesome product that we want to buy ourselves and keep the prices at a level we can afford them ourselves.

Our first product is the innovatively named "Valco Wireless ANC headphones", which are a pair of wireless ANC headphones.

Our VAT code is FI29196975 and our company is located in Tampere, Finland. That’s our logo above. Our Finnish website can be found from Valco.fi