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No problem! You can also buy from us by invoice and instalments. Just select KLARNA option at checkout.

Take your time to try the product and pay if you decide to keep it. Or pay in instalments when you receive your social support money.

The shipping is on us Europe

So shipping is free inside Europe (EU). To USA and other third world countries the shipping cost is a flat 15 euros. It's worth it. Because of Brexit, UK is now a third world country from our perspective.

VMK20 introduction (english subtitles)

And they are totally greenwashed!

For every pair of headphones sold, we will plant a tree. Over 10 000 trees planted already!


Testimonials from real people

You might ask, why we don’t have any social media testimonials or similar? Is this some kind of scam?

Well, we do have a lot of reviews but they are all in Finnish. We haven’t really launched yet outside Finland. You can find them here and use Google Translate or similar. We are proud to have mostly 5-star reviews on Facebook. There are also some reviews on Trustpilot, you should check them out.

Here are also some reviews:, Headphonecheck, Gadget Explained,, Kopfbox, Testberichte, Der Lindwurm

"Valco VMK20: The best Bluetooth headphones of the year"

Read the full review (in German) here:

Bernhard Torsch,

"I didn't think I would write this, but my beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless are going into early retirement. The Valco ANC convinced me all along the line."

Read the full review (in German) here:

"I personally see nothing to complain about, and finding them a little better than my Bose QC 35, Valco has succeeded perfectly in its gamble of offering quality headphones for a price half the price of the competition."

Read the full review (in French) here:

"Overall, these may be the best ANC Headphones of 2020. The Valco VMK20 Wireless ANC Headphones fit amazingly and sound great."

 Read the full review (in English) here:

Jabba Reviews

"To my big surprise, the VMK20 were not a total desaster compared to my two favourite high enders. In truth, they sounded almost frightening good."

Some random dude on Reddit (see here)

alias Audiobernd

Generous return policy

We trust in our product. Much unlike with the wife, we’re not satisfied if you’re not 100% satisfied with our headphones. We gladly accept returns within 14 days of receipt for items in new condition.

No questions asked. Just contact our customer service, ship back the product and that’s it. Of course if there is something we can improve, we would be happy to hear your opinion.

12 months full guarantee

We are famous for our guarantee and soon we’ll be world famous. It covers everything but your own f*ck ups. And even then we help you as much as we can.

For 12 months we make absolutely sure that you can fully enjoy your premium Valco headphones. We respond your emails, chat with you on Facebook, keep you company during the lonely nights and provide you with spare parts if you break your headphones.

We believe that good customer service is the best way to market your products.

After the guarantee is over, you can still get your headphones fixed for a fraction of the price of new ones.

For us, every customer is important

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Get rich or die trying!

Are you an internet meme, aspiring OnlyFans creator or an experienced Internet scammer? Now is your chance to get rich by promoting Valco. After studying the logic of affiliate marketing and pyramid schemes all the way from the Finnish pension system to the traditional Ponzi scheme, we decided to establish our own pyramid network marketing system (without pyramids).

The idea is very simple. You promote us on social media or your website and you get paid money. To be specific, 10% commission of net sales (net means without taxes and discounts and not paying on cancelled orders or returned pairs) per pair of headphones. For example if you sell one million headphones, you'll get many million euros.

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Great headphones, great customer service, great 12 months warranty and great 14 days "no questions asked" return policy. We made headphones great again.

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