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Valco VMK20

Important information about availability: We saw an unexpected swarm of locusts buying everything we had. Now our warehouses are empty like Putin’s promises of peace. More will come and you can still pre-order for a discounted price, but the delivery time will be several weeks. The price will go up when the headphones are back in stock. They are well worth the wait.

All our headphones are properly greenwashed

A tree planted for every headphone sold

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Your headphones can be repaired after the warranty ends

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Superb sound quality. No BS.

Every manufacturer claims that they have a superb sound quality. Well, f*ck them.

We partnered with the leading Finnish mastering studio Kesthouse and spent countless hours perfecting our products to sound exactly like the records were meant to be played. No factory settings here.

And all this for half the price of similar brand headphones. We dare to say, that Valco headphones offer you an unmatched bargain for your money along with a listening experience second to none in the wireless ANC headphones class.

This is why Valco headphones have quickly been widely accepted among musicians, audio engineers and artists in Finland - and all over the world. We didn’t even need to pay them to promote us. The buggers loved the product and promoted it for free.

Remember that our profits all go to a noble cause. We will build a deathstar and conquer the galaxy. Also some of the profits will go to buy beer and to pay my ex wife.

Best regards,

Raimo Valconen, The Supreme Leader

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eg. out of stock again

Important information about availability

All the black VMK20 and Nordell MK3 speakers are out of stock. We still have some gray VMK20.


More will come and you can still pre-order black VMK20 for a discounted price, delivery in June. The price will go up when the headphones are back in stock. They are well worth the wait.


We DO have NL21 and gray VMK20 in stock!


When times are tough, you need a survival kit. When times are REALLY REALLY hard, you need a Valco survival bucket.

At the end of July 2022, we'll draw two survival buckets (blue and red) between everyone who have provided their contact details.

The catch here is that we want as many new newsletter subscribers as possible. Don't worry, our newsletters are really excellent, always handwritten, and we don't have the time to send them out all the time anyway.

So what's in the red survival bucket? Well, it does have:

  • - Valco VMK20 noise-cancelling headphones
  • - An Eläkeläiset humppa album (see sample here)
  • - A 6-pack of Finnish pea soup
  • - Tummel lotion for painful rashes
  • - An epic rubber fist

The blue bucket is a bit dull and contains mostly various Valco stuff. Headphones, earbuds, a speaker and a hoodie.

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The shipping is on us EU

So shipping is free inside Europe (EU). To USA and other third world countries the shipping cost is a flat 15 euros. It's worth it. Because of Brexit, UK is now a third world country from our perspective.

Actually if you are from UK, we suggest you get our headphones from our reseller Thomann.

The prices include all the taxes and shipping fees inside EU. The prices do not include possible customs duties, import fees or other surprise extra costs unknown to us that exist in the third world countries such as Switzerland and Norway.

12 months full guarantee

We are famous for our guarantee and soon we’ll be world famous. It covers everything but your own f*ck ups. And even then we help you as much as we can.

For 12 months we make absolutely sure that you can fully enjoy your premium Valco headphones. We respond your emails, chat with you on Facebook, keep you company during the lonely nights and provide you with spare parts if you break your headphones.

We believe that good customer service is the best way to market your products.

After the guarantee is over, you can still get your headphones fixed for a fraction of the price of new ones.

Generous return policy

We trust in our product. Much unlike with the wife, we’re not satisfied if you’re not 100% satisfied with our headphones. We gladly accept returns within 14 days of receipt for items in new condition.

No questions asked. Just contact our customer service, ship back the product and that’s it. Of course if there is something we can improve, we would be happy to hear your opinion.

Actual, unfiltered reviews

(including all the bad ones too)

Are you dirt poor?

No problem! You can also buy from us by invoice and instalments. Just select KLARNA option at checkout.

Take your time to try the product and pay if you decide to keep it. Or pay in instalments when you receive your social support money.

What the media is saying

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"The Valco VMK20 shows with controlled bass and partly too detailed sound how much you can get out of a pair of headphones for little money. The ANC and build quality are solid, and the promised battery life of up to 45 hours is unmatched. A simple fun maker with an impressive price-performance ratio."


"The Valco are certainly not an ultra-bargain in terms of price, but they offer a perfect overall package of secure Bluetooth connection, very good battery performance, top ANC functionality and warm, well-tuned hi-fi sound. The noise-cancelling is super-snappy, making every journey a little more enjoyable, whether it’s on a rattling train or a chugging crab-catching boat on the fjord. The high-quality design catches the eye with its cool textile patch, and the lightweight construction gives you zero stress on your head."

Fisch + Fleich

"Valco VMK20: The best Bluetooth headphones of the year"

"I didn't think I would write this, but my beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless are going into early retirement. The Valco ANC convinced me all along the line."

Site Geek

"I personally see nothing to complain about, and finding them a little better than my Bose QC 35, Valco has succeeded perfectly in its gamble of offering quality headphones for a price half the price of the competition."

Basic Tutorials

"Fresh and cheeky ANC over-ear headphones that score with strong sound and high wearing comfort." Score 90/100

LB Tech reviews

" Valco VMK20 are really a pair of good, wireless headphones. With well-functioning noise reduction. Best of all, they sound better than expected, and are in our opinion the most well-sounding among the cheaper noise-canceling headphones."

Next Pit

"In short: If you are looking for the best sound for little money, buy the Valco VMK20."